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Jumpers Away is an AOPA 2023 Distinguished Flight School

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association recently recognized Jumpers Away as one of 32 "Distinguished Flight Schools" nationwide, and one of only seven in the southern region, based on survey results from Jumpers Away graduates. Read AOPA's survey results here:


Robert from CA

The Jumpers Away course was an exhilarating and transformative experience, providing the necessary skills and knowledge to safely drop skydivers out of a Cessna 182 aircraft. The training was comprehensive, well-structured, and delivered with professionalism.

Ed’s expertise and teaching abilities were exceptional. The course covered aircraft safety protocols, emergency procedures, optimizing exit points for skydivers, and handling unexpected situations. The facilities were top-notch, and the staff was friendly and approachable.

One week after completing the course, I received a job offer from a drop zone. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking comprehensive and immersive training in skydiving. It will take you to new heights in your career as a certified skydive pilot.

HIRED 6/19/23


Spencer from MT

The jumpers away course and Ed were fantastic. I learned about parachutes, drop zone operations, and everything that goes into being a jump pilot. There was a lot of knowledge to be gained and Ed’s teaching style made it fun, easy and applicable to real jump operations. I can say for certain that I am a better pilot after flying with Ed. The cherry on top is that I landed a job the day I finished the course. Anyone with an interest in being a jump pilot should take this course.

HIRED 6/18/23


Tatton from NM

The Jumper’s Away course with Ed Scott is the real deal! The course provides a pilot with airman knowledge and safety-focused training to be a confident diver driver. Ed provides you with a binder of valuable information prior to arriving at the training facility. His knowledge of skydiving and piloting skills were reflected in his training technique. I came away from this course with more than I expected to learn. A bonus to this course is the extended communication and contacts that Ed shares with his participants. Only a few weeks after taking the Jumper’s Away course, I landed a job. This course is worth every cent and I’m excited to start this new journey as a well-trained and safety-oriented “Diver Driver”!

HIRED 5/4/23


Juan from NJ

I recently took the Jumpers Away course and I have to say it was an incredible experience. Ed did an amazing job covering all the necessary topics in such a short amount of time. He is very knowledgeable, experienced, and generous with his time. I felt safe and confident throughout the course. The course was well-structured and covered everything from basic safety procedures to advanced techniques. Ed was patient and took the time to answer all of my questions, which made the learning process much easier. Overall, I had an amazing time and learned a lot from this course. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to become a jump pilot.

HIRED 4/20/23


Dallin from CO

"I thoroughly enjoyed the program. For a prospective jump pilot, it was a great way to learn the ropes and get my feet wet before being responsible for paying passengers. I learned a lot about parachutes, jump operations, and insights that only someone with extensive jump experience would know. Especially for low-time pilots, I think the value extends far beyond the advantage of the insurance..."

HIRED 4/10/2023


Stewart from UT

"I thoroughly enjoyed Ed's course and consider it a worthwhile investment for anyone aspiring to work as a jump pilot. The time spent in the 182 increased my familiarity with the airplane, the quick pace of practice reps of jump runs helped me become more adept at changing configurations precisely and consistently, and the emergency procedures training gave me tools to deal with unexpected situations. I already had a position at a DZ for the summer but elected to take Ed's course anyway to enable me to become proficient more quickly and in a safe manner. I highly recommend Jumpers Away!"

HIRED 4/1/23


Chris from Utah

"My experience at Jumpers Away was top notch! The course was well organized and thorough. Ed was easy to communicate with and an excellent teacher. Even after training, Ed stayed in contact with me and answered any questions that I had and assisted me with job placement. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to becoming a Jump Pilot!"

HIRED 3/27/23


Joshua from CA

The Jumpers Away course was among my favorite training so far. Not only has it prepared me to be a jump pilot, but it was a great experience and well organized. I never thought there was so much information involved in becoming a jump pilot. Overall, a great experience and a much-needed program for the low-time pilot.

HIRED 12/16/22


Laith from CO

My experience with the Jumpers Away course was a hugely positive experience that gave me the skills to work at a drop zone safely and efficiently. The assistance with job placement was very helpful, with Ed reaching out often. I would recommend this course to any newer or experienced commercial pilot who would like to be a safe jump pilot or learn some new skills to add to your toolbelt.

HIRED 12/13/22


Tanner from NY

I had a great time doing jump runs today! Your course was very well formed for my needs. Doing the ground school and getting an understanding about jump runs was a huge help before flying them. I also really appreciated the information and practice on emergency bailouts with the parachute.

HIRED 11/9/22


Kyle from VA

Ed's course is exactly what I was looking for to prepare me to be a jump pilot. Ed is very knowledgeable and provides a lot of learning materials and explains everything clearly. After completing his course, I feel confident I can be a safe jump pilot. In fact, at my first job, the tandem instructors asked if I'm interested in coming back for the next season. Even after training, Ed is very helpful with job placement assistance and continues to follow up. I highly recommend Ed's course to anyone who wants to become a jump pilot. Thank you, Ed for being a great instructor and for all your help.

HIRED 9/25/22


Michael from NC

The Jumpers Away course was exactly what I was looking for as a new commercial pilot. The course was well structured, very efficient, and taught me everything I needed to know to be a successful jump pilot. After completion of the course, job opportunities instantly opened up and I was able to begin my first flying job weeks after finishing training with less than 300 hours. Because of the training I received, I felt confident and well prepared going into work on my first day as a professional jump pilot.

HIRED 8/26/22

20220428_102422 (1)_edited.jpg

Alex from GA

The course taught a lot about conducting jump runs, emergencies, and FARs. Ed is very knowledgeable about the industry and is easy to understand. I'd recommend this course to anyone looking to feel well prepared for a jump pilot job. I liked the training manual provided ahead of time; it contains a lot of great information even after completing the course. Overall, it was a great experience, and I was glad to have done the training.

HIRED 7/6/22


Jaxon from TN

Jumpers Away expanded my knowledge of flying and got me ready for a job as a jump pilot. Even with low hours—220 total time—this course helped me find a job because when employers heard I had the training, they were more open to talking to me. Ed is a great guy who cares about teaching young pilots the correct techniques to perform jump operations safely. I would recommend Jumpers Away to any low-time pilot who is seeking the non-traditional route in their aviation career.

HIRED 7/5/22


Andy from CA

Your course helped me in getting a jump pilot job due to the extensive training I went through over the three days. And your course prepared me for the job by teaching me how to plot and execute the climb and jump run on ForeFlight. Also, maneuvering around the clouds was a great practice during training. I can definitely recommend your course to anyone that wants to be to a jump pilot.

HIRED 6/30/22

20220622_121834 (1)_edited.jpg

Nick from FL

For any low-time pilots out there on the fence about taking Ed's course, just do it. He has decades of knowledge, experience and connections within the skydiving community. I learned everything and more from him to feel confident and safe flying jumpers. He goes above and beyond to try and find you a job that is a good fit for you. I had multiple job offers lined up right after completing the course and started flying jumpers the following week. I can't thank him enough for helping me take the next step in my flying career. 10/10 would recommend!

HIRED 6/24/22

20220410_164641 (1).jpg

Chandler from NC

I walked away from this course with everything that was advertised, the experience exceeded expectations. Understanding how to confidently handle jump runs, and in-flight emergencies as well as a deep understanding of systems and FARs. Ed is very knowledgeable, and I am very appreciative to have had the opportunity to learn from someone with as many years of experience as he has. Aside from great training, it was an enjoyable experience. If you are looking to get into being a jump pilot, I couldn’t recommend this course enough.

HIRED 4/13/22


Ray from FL

This program was an absolute blast. From day one you're learning the ins and outs of being a jumper dumper. Towards the end of the program, we did an amazing cross-country flight to First Flight Airport (where the Wright Brothers flew) and I also got to see a large drop zone in operation. Within 24 hours of finishing my course I already had multiple job offers. Thanks for everything Ed. I had an awesome time.

HIRED 3/26/22

20220321_175234 (1)_edited.jpg

Brent from TN

Not all Drop Zones require much training for their pilots and it shows. Jumpers Away was everything I knew I needed and so much more that I didn’t know. Ed is a passionate facilitator and accomplished skydiver as well. He spends plenty of time on the ground, as well as hours of airwork, giving you everything you need to nail the jumpruns when it’s time to do it for real. With a beautiful location to learn, and everything laid out so cleanly, it’s hard not to be set up for success!

HIRED 3/23/22


Elias from VA

Overall great course, good balance of preflight/theory and real-world practice, great to do it all in the DZ environment and being able to talk with the other jump pilots. Really appreciated your commitment as well to help in the job search after training.

HIRED 12/31/21


Nic from AZ

Today was my first day flying at another drop zone. Everything you taught was important. I would not remove any of it. I really appreciated learning from someone who understands both sides of the operation. Below I’ve listed the pro’s…

-Well Maintained aircraft for training
-Instructor who understands being a jump pilot as well as being a jumper
-Fantastic knowledge about both industries
-Well put together binder with necessary information
-Detailed oriented training with valuable constructive criticism
-Checklist for Jump Pilots (which I’m using)
-Excellent follow thru on navigating toward a jump pilot job
-Enough flight hours to attain the muscle memory needed to start Jump operations

HIRED 10/23/21


Nathan from VA

"Learning what to expect as a jump pilot was my biggest takeaway from Ed’s course. It helped me gain the experience I needed to be on jump run the first time, every time. Ed’s course focused a lot on the safety aspects of flying jumpers and how the flight up shouldn’t add to the risk of skydiving. This setting provided a safe environment in which to hone my skill and learn common mistakes to avoid. I would highly recommend his course to any aspiring jump pilot!"

HIRED 8/22/21


Abby from NC

"I can't thank you enough for your help this past week. It was such a great experience and I am really looking forward to flying skydivers. I'll see you around the DZ."

HIRED 8/13/21


Ethan from TX

“Had the opportunity to get the best jump pilot training from the former head of the USPA, Ed Scott. I will now be flying as a bus driver in the sky for adrenaline junkies this summer and can’t be more happy about it. I would never have been able to get this opportunity without Jumpers Away. I’m forever thankful.”

HIRED 6/14/21

Testimonials: Testimonials


What DZ owners who have hired Jumpers Away graduates have to say


We had a new-hire fall through and Ed was able to refer us a trained, experienced pilot within hours! After a brief phone interview, they were here and flying within three days. Jumpers Away saved us time and money by streamlining our hiring process and saving us from training new-hires on how to fly jumpers ourselves.


Five Stars! I would recommend Ed’s course to aspiring diver drivers and DZO’s looking for a pilot 100 percent.  We caught wind of Ed’s course and hired Ethan.  Ethan arrived as if he had been flying jumpers for years.  He knew Part 105 like the back of his hand and nailed the spot and altitude first load he flew for us and every load since then.  Not only that but he also had SOP’s in his bag of tricks that most skydivers don’t think of.  Like premature deployments on the step, jumpers hung on the step, etc.  It totally eliminated us having to train a fresh diver driver ourselves and gave me peace of mind that he has had the proper training, which is huge! Thank you Jumpers Away!


Your program…truly sounds phenomenal. Maybe I can send some pilots who inquire with us in the future your way. It’s just an all-around win-win situation: well prepared jump pilots which contributes to the safety for all of us, lower insurance minimums and the time savings for us to train them. Why wouldn’t any DZO have their future jump pilots go through your program? Congrats and thanks for the referral!


I sent one of my pilot prospects to Jumpers Away for initial jump pilot training. It saved me time while she learned all aspects of becoming a jump pilot. From her first day of hire she has flown full-time, doing an outstanding job. I can recommend Jumpers Away to any DZ owner or pilot who wants complete and thorough training that results in a safe, professional jump pilot.


Hi Ed, I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with Nick our pilot who went to your school. He's very professional and had a good basic understanding of flying for skydiving! He's very anxious to learn, is turning good times in our 182 and is very responsible for the plane. Thanks for training him and referring him to us!


The pilot we got from you for this year has been great! We will be hiring another one late this year.


Alex was impeccable to work with due to his incredible ability to be very adaptable. He quickly picked up any request we had with such knowledge and ability. He performed beyond expected!! Should we need another pilot we would certainly pursue a newly trained pilot through Jumpers Away.


We hired one of Ed’s students, Chandler. who came well prepared, knowledgeable and ready to fly. Not only have we been very happy with Chandler, but Ed has gone above and beyond to help our DZ with pilots, knowledge and a network. Thank you, Ed, for always being just a text away!

Testimonials: Clients
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