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Our Clients Say

"Working with Ed Scott was awesome! He was always there and makes you feel comfortable from Day 1. He still checks up to make sure I’ve settled into my new job. Going to that class definitely made me a better pilot and I learned a lot that I didn’t learn while going to flight school!"

Tommy, Hired 11/2023 with 360 Hours

Our Clients Say

“The jumpers away course and Ed were fantastic. I learned about parachutes, drop zone operations, and everything that goes into being a jump pilot. There was a lot of knowledge to be gained and Ed’s teaching style made it fun, easy and applicable to real jump operations. I can say for certain that I am a better pilot after flying with Ed. The cherry on top is that I landed a job the day I finished the course. Anyone with an interest in being a jump pilot should take this course.”

Spencer, Hired 6/2023 with 320 Hours

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