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Become  A Jump Pilot!

Drop zones have never been busier and they need trained jump pilots.

Together, some 265 U.S. drop zones (the locations where people go to skydive) conduct over three million jumps a year, using nearly 400 jump aircraft, from Cessna 182s up to

multi-turbine airplanes. Jump pilots enjoy good pay and log lots of flight time, often quickly moving up to a DZ’s turbine jump planes. Being a jump pilot can be a fulfilling career, or a quick steppingstone to a flight department, charter or airline job.

Becoming a jump pilot.

Jump pilots need to hold an FAA commercial pilot certificate and an FAA 2nd class medical certificate. Then you need specialized training to be considered for hire by a drop zone. Flight training focuses on quick climbs and descents, weight and balance, high-altitude flight, jump-door operation, and emergency situations. Ground instruction covers aircraft systems, air traffic control requirements, the applicable FARs and skydiving’s basic safety requirements.

Train with Jumpers Away!

Jumpers Away offers tailored 2-day, 3-day and 4-day courses designed to give you the flight time and experience to become a jump pilot. Jumpers Away provides ground instruction and flight training in a fully jump-modified Cessna 182. You cannot get more realistic training. After your training, Jumpers Away can provide drop zone job placement assistance.

Here is an AOPA video about Jumpers Away and here is a link to the accompanying article: 

Perfectly good airplane - AOPA

Jumpers Away is one of 32
"AOPA Distinguished Flight Schools"

AOPA conducted an online survey of thousands of flight school graduates. Read more here:

AOPA Designates Jumpers Away a “Distinguished Flight School” 

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