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Jumpers Away Scores High in AOPA Survey

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association conducted a Flight Training Experience Survey of pilots about their most recent flight school experience. Ten Jumpers Away graduates completed the survey, allowing Jumpers Away to be ranked among other flight schools on a national basis. Jumpers Away scored better than 95% of all eligible nominees (those with at least 10 evaluations).

The Details

Flight schools were scored in four areas: Educational Quality, Customer Focus, Community and Information Sharing. Following are Jumpers Away’s scores in the four areas, based on the responses, with Jumpers Away’s ranking alongside all eligible flight schools.

Educational Quality Scale (Range: -9 to 9)

Jumpers Away’s Score: 7.4

The national average of all eligible nominees: 6.2

Jumpers Away’s national percentile ranking: 92%

Customer Focus Scale (Range: -8 to 8)

Jumpers Away’s Score: 7.5

The national average of all eligible nominees: 6.2

Jumpers Away’s national percentile ranking: 97%

Aviation Community Scale (Range: -4 to 4)

Jumpers Away’s Score: 3.8

The national average of all eligible nominees: 3.3

Jumpers Away’s national percentile ranking: 92%

Information Sharing Scale (Range: -4 to 4)

Jumpers Away’s Score: 3.0

The national average of all eligible nominees: 2.0

Jumpers Away’s national percentile ranking: 91%

Aggregate Overall Score (Range: -30 to 30)

Jumpers Away received an overall score of 26.5 from its customers in the 2023 AOPA Flight Training Experience Survey. The national average of all eligible nominees: 22.0

Jumpers Away scored better than 95% of national nominees.

Two survey questions solicited responses about Jumpers Away’s value for the money, and how likely the customer would recommend Jumpers Away to a friend.

I believe I received a good value for the money I paid.

Response Choice Frequency %

Strongly Agree 8 80%

Agree 2 20%

Neither agree nor disagree 0 0%

Disagree 0 0%

Strongly Disagree 0 0%

No Response 0 0%

On a scale from 0-10, how likely are you to recommend your flight school to a friend?

Response Choice %

9 customers responded with a “10” 90%

1 customer responded with an “8” 10%

Customer Comments

At the end of the survey, respondents were asked the following open-ended question: Why should or shouldn’t your school win a Flight Training Experience Award? These are the responses by Jumpers Away’s customers:

“The dedication to my personal needs went above and beyond…what I had experienced in the past.”

“It is the only school of it's kind trying to help new commercial pilots learn about and get qualified to break into the Jump pilot industry. Being a CFI isn't for everyone and this school allows another real world avenue to gain flying experience.”

“As a young pilot that has always dreamed of getting into drop operations this was the best program I could have asked for. This training program allowed me to get the training I needed to conduct safe jump operations and learn how to handle situations I previously would not have known how to deal with. Aside from the amazing training this program also offers job assistance which really helps low time pilots.”

“Jumper's Away provides niche training and advanced skills that permit safe and efficient piloting skills. The school's realistic platform scenarios and location greatly improves students ability to perform as jump pilots.”

“Chief pilot Ed Scott is such a genuinely kind person and great pilot. He never made me feel like I couldn't do it. I highly recommend.”

“Jumpers Away prepared me for real world experience as a Jump Pilot. Lessons were well planned in a building block approach that made it very easy to understand concepts and use knowledge in the real professional skydive environment. Even though I had 500 hours prior to attending, there was so much that I learned, both in knowledge and application. Jumpers Away sets the student up for success...”

“As a graduate of the course I was highly impressed with the professionalism, thoroughness, and level of excellence that Jumpers Away provided me to set me up for a future skydiving pilot job. It was an extremely fun and amazing experience, and I would certainly recommend it to others pursuing this path in aviation!”

“It was an amazing experience and opportunity.”

Jumpers Away thanks AOPA and the Jumpers Away graduates that participated in the AOPA survey. We will use the feedback to improve the program to continue to provide a pathway for low-time commercial pilots to secure jump pilot jobs to jumpstart their aviation careers.

--Ed Scott, founder of Jumpers Away

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